Projects and milestones


3 June Online classes on our website

13 March All classes go online on TV and Facebook during COVID pandemic

13 February ‘Coffee Morning’ Fundraising event by EuroBridge




13 December Natalie Receives Honor

Founder Natalie Muschamp received a Honor by the president of Malta His Excellency George Vella for her work with Step Up for Parkinson’s.

01 October The Good Cause funds

Received The Good Cause funds to help sustain the organization’s activities for one year.

The creative movement classes are co-financed by the Good Causes Fund Malta. The National Lotteries Good Causes Fund, is set under the Lotteries and Other Games Act, 2001 Section 50 (7) and has the main scope of helping out various individuals, agencies or organisations that have a social, cultural, educational, sport, philanthropic or religious activity.

13 August Received EFNA Brain life goals funding for a theater awareness tour


06 July World Parkinson’s Congress – Japan, 2019

Poster Presentation of Ms.Natalie Muschamp’s Master’s Research at the World Parkinson’s Congress held in Kyoto, Japan – 2019.


01 July President’s Award for Creativity Funding

President’s Award for Creativity Funding.

08 May Presentation for Profit with a Purpose

Presentation at the Life Science Building as a Case Study of a Social Enterprise.

05 May Rheumatism Training with Annemarie from Scapino ballet

Annemarie from Scapino ballet and main researcher in dance for Rheumatism from The Netherlands training our team of teachers.


27 April Second Annual Fundraising Gala!

Held at the Corinthia Palace in Attard, where our participants performed and supporters came together. Thank you to our main sponsor of the event Catena Media.


09 February VOPS Grant Agreement

Received the agreement for funding from the Voluntary Organisations Project Scheme for the provision of training, research and setting up classes in Malta for Rheumatism and Multiple Sclerosis.



15 November Second Place at MSIA!

Second Place winners at the Malta Social Impact Awards to earn funds to help sustain and grow the organisation.


20 October Step Up for Charity

Fundraising event held at the Valletta City Gate Steps to raise funds for the organisation. Chris Mamo, ex British Soldier ran up and down these steps for 12 consecutive hours, with various performances held throughout this time including live DJ’s and performances by the Junior Dance Company of Malta. This was attended be Her Excellency Marie Louise Coleiro Preca at the beginning and end of the event.

06 July The premiere of the short Documentary Dancing with Parkinson’s


20 April The first Fund Raising Gala


02 March Natalie goes to the Netherlands

Natalie goes to The Netherlands to be part of the research of Dance for Health. In collaboration with doctor Sara Houston and Danielle Teale.

17 February Start Training Seminars

Natalie & Amy lead the teacher training seminars at the takeoff building at the University of Malta. More Staff and more locations!




01 November Start extensive research

The start of extensive research:

“How can the contribution of movement as an artistic and expressive medium improve quality of life for both the people with Parkinson’s disease and the caregiver”


07 October Dance for PD New York

Natalie Muschamp & Amy Dimech fly to New York to receive the advanced training:

Dance for PD®’s innovative, trail-blazing training and enrichment programs offer something for everyone interested in the intersection of dance and Parkinson’s disease. With our comprehensive portfolio of online resources, internationally-acclaimed in-person training workshops, and a rigorous certification process, Dance for PD®’s complete training program has helped hundreds experienced dance teachers around the world successfully launch and sustain high-quality programs that introduce people with Parkinson’s to the joys and benefits of a customized dance experience

27 September Why dance matters

Step Up For Parkinson’s is hosting an awareness event at the San Anton Palace in collaboration with her Excellence The President of Malta, where Mark Vlemmix will talk about his journey.


30 April MMDNA Funding

Step Up For Parkinson’s receives funding to create more awareness and start extensive research towards the benefits of Dance for people suffering of Parkinson’s and their caregivers.

03 March Malta Community Chest Fund

Step up for Parkinson’s receives the news that they are granted funding in order to give free dance classes for a period of 2 years!

31 January Step Up For Parkinson’s

The Voluntary Organisation Step Up For Parkinson’s is born.



29 December Dance For Health

Natalie visits Mark Vlemmix and his organisation Dance for Health. She teaches a class, and they finalize Mark’s trip to Malta in September to create more awareness. A beautiful collaboration is born.


07 December The class grows in popularity!


31 March Start Free Dance Classes!

Official start of free classes twice a week.


30 March Natalie goes to Plymouth

Natalie receives specialized training to teach people suffering with PD through Dance.

25 March The pilot class together with Amy Dimech


23 March – The Malta Parkinson’s Disease Association

Natalie meets with the The Malta Parkinson’s Disease Association and tells her vision to the participants. Together they receive the first dance class specialized for Patients suffering with PD.